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Affordable, Luxury Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats

Autumglo Pet Lodge provides the best cat and dog boarding services near Grafton. Our affordable luxury pet boarding facility is located in Fredonia, just a short drive from Grafton. We provide clean and pleasant accommodations staffed by friendly pet care professionals. We are dedicated to keeping your pet safe and well-cared for.

Dog Boarding Cedarburg, WI

Best Pet Boarding Lodge near GraftonThe Only Luxury Suites Your Dog or Cat Needs

Logging is cleaned every day and supplied with comfortable bedding. Our cat boarding condos include windows and multi-level lounge rooms. We provide many dog boarding alternatives, including luxurious kennels and comfy rooms. Have several dogs or cats? Our family boarding option allows you to keep your pets together!

Grafton Dog Boarding Details

Pamper your pooch with our premium dog boarding facilities, offering lavish suites designed with their utmost comfort in mind. Our spacious, temperature-controlled quarters come equipped with plush, cozy beds, ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for your furry friend. Indulge your canine companion with a themed Luxury Cabin Suite, where they can revel in the ambiance of nature-inspired decor like the Deer, Bear, Wolf, Pheasant, Bass, Moose or Duck Suite. Suites have additional amenities, such as a television, bed choices, daily housekeeping and delectable bedtime treats.

Our dedicated staff ensures your dog receives ample exercise and playtime, with 5-7 daily sessions in our securely fenced outdoor area, segregated for optimal safety. We cater to individual needs with extra activities, fostering a fulfilling and enriching experience. To comply with Wisconsin state regulations, we require documented proof of Bordetella, Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations, with convenient options for low-cost dog vaccinations nearby.

Grafton Cat Boarding Details

Treat your feline friend to a serene and soothing retreat at our luxury cat boarding facility. Our climate-controlled private condos offer a safe haven with multi-level lounging areas, litter boxes and sunbathing windows, ensuring your cat's comfort. Your furry companion will receive freshly prepared meals, daily litter box maintenance and optional services like medication administration, grooming sessions, lap time and interactive playtime. Our attentive staff prioritizes feline well-being, providing dedicated spaces for napping, activity and specialized care tailored to different personalities, ensuring a pleasant and content stay. We require all necessary vaccinations for your cat's health and safety, as mandated by state regulations.

Why Choose Autumglo for Pet Boarding?

Autumglo Pet Lodge is dedicated to providing safe, attentive pet boarding for dogs and cats throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Our clean, supervised lodge offers a relaxing social environment with customized pet care services to meet your pet's unique needs and ensure maximum comfort. From luxury boarding to pet-friendly nature trails, your furry friend will receive a delightful, personalized experience at our facility.

Check Out Our Other Value Added Services for Grafton

dog sleepingSupervised Doggy Daycare

Autumglo Pet Lodge extends its services beyond luxurious boarding, offering a supervised doggy daycare program for your beloved four-legged friends. Our daycare facilities provide a secure and nurturing environment where dogs can socialize, play and exercise under the watchful eyes of our trained staff members. With spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, your pup will have ample room to run, jump and expend boundless energy while forming new furry friendships.

Professional Pet Grooming

To complement our boarding and daycare offerings, we provide professional pet grooming services tailored to your companion's needs. Our experienced groomers will treat your furry friend to a lavish spa experience, including bathing, brushing, trimming and styling to ensure they look and feel their absolute best. Whether your pet requires a simple trim or a comprehensive grooming session, our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and attention, leaving your companion looking and feeling refreshed.

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