Wisconsin Dog Boarding Vaccine Requirements

Dog vaccinations Wisconsin

Our Southeast Wisconsin Pet Boarding Lodge Requires Dog Vaccines for Health & Safety

At Autumglo, the safety of your pet is our top priority. We make sure your dog is comfortable and given the best care while you’re away. We carefully follow all standard of care requirements mandated by Wisconsin State Legislature, including dog vaccination requirements. 

To keep your pet safe from contagious illnesses, we require all overnight canine guests to have up-to-date dog vaccinations prior to arriving at our Ozaukee County pet boarding lodge

As part of our Southeast Wisconsin pet boarding resources, we’ve outlined the required and recommended vaccines your dog needs to have the best experience at Autumglo.

Contact our Milwaukee area dog boarding professionals for more information. 

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Dog Boarding Vaccination Requirements
Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations Near You

Verified Information:
 This page references the ATCP 16.24, ATCP 16.22, 95.21 Rabies Control Program & ATCP 16.20 of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Dog Boarding Vaccination Requirements WisconsinDog Vaccinations Required for Kennels and Pet Boarding near Milwaukee 

The Vaccinations Your Dog Needs to Book a Stay

Your pet is important to us, so we strive to provide the most affordable luxury dog boarding in the greater Milwaukee area. Make sure your dog is ready to stay with us by providing documented proof of the following vaccinations:

  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • DHLPP Vaccine

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

Required Dog Vaccinations in Wisconsin

Is the Bordetella Vaccine Required in Wisconsin?

Bordetella Vaccine

Is the Rabies Vaccine Required in Wisconsin?

Rabies Vaccine

A vaccine injected into the nose of a dog, it protects dogs from what’s known as “Kennel Cough” in communities across Wisconsin.

  • Bordetella: A deadly disease caused by one or more virus & bacteria.

Backed by state law, the rabies vaccine is required to be taken no later than 5 months of age. 

  • Rabies: A fatal disease which attacks brain cells. 
What is the DHLPP Vaccine?

DHLPP Vaccine

Is the Lyme Vaccine Required in Wisconsin?

Lyme Vaccine

Essentially 8 different vaccinations in one, the DHLPP vaccine must be started around 8 weeks of age and boost every 3-4 weeks until 4 months age, then once on a yearly basis. This vaccine protects against:

  • Distemper: A paramyxovirus similar to human measles. 
  • Hepatitis: An adenovirus causing liver, eye or kidney failure.
  • Parainfluenza: A potentially deadly virus known, also known as the tracheobronchitis disease or “Kennel Cough”. 
  • Parvovirus: A virus that can kill dogs in less than 72 hours.
  • Leptospirosis: A bacteria capable of causing kidney failure & death.

It is recommended (not required) you vaccinate your dog for Lyme disease since our outdoor area does pose the risk of harboring ticks.

By keeping your dogs up to date on their Lyme disease vaccinations, you can sign them up for outdoor play time stress-free!

  • Lyme Disease: Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria is transmitted by ticks & can lead to kidney failure & death.

From Bordetella to Rabies and Lyme Disease, dogs are at constant risk of contracting deadly illnesses when they are not vaccinated. For this reason, pet owners cannot schedule a spot for their dogs without having state required shots. It is the personal responsibility of the owner to vaccinate their pets and the responsibility of a pet boarding facility to protect the health of all dogs and cats present.

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

Contact Autumglo Pet Lodge today for more information on dog boarding vaccine requirements in Wisconsin!

Where to Vaccinate Your Dog or Cat

Affordable Veterinary Clinics near MilwaukeeLow-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Fredonia

When choosing a vet or clinic to vaccine your cat or dog, there are a number of qualities you should look for not only in the veterinarians themsevles, but the facility as well. The interior of the building should be clean and the staff should present themselves as attentive, professional and knowledgeable.

Depending on what you're looking for will also decide where you choose to schedule your dog's vaccine appointments. For instance, pet owners who simply want a vaccine have many options near Milwaukee, while dog and cat owners who want more services may choose a local Humane Society for the multitude of low-cost services they offer, including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Spays
  • Neuters
  • Surrenders
  • End of Life
  • Rehabilitation

Before you book a stay with Autumglo Pet Lodge, make sure your dogs and cats have the required vaccinations they need to be checked into any Wisconsin boarding facility, kennel or pet hotel. Vaccines are extremely affordable and do more than qualify you for pet boarding - they keep your dogs and cats healthy!

Where to get Dog Vaccinations near Milwaukee


Bluemound Animal Hospital
16520 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield WI USA 53005

Phone: (262) 782-5805

Sheboygan County Humane Society
3107 N 20th St Sheboygan WI USA 53083

Phone: (920) 458-2012

Port Washington Mequon
Port Veterinary Clinic
118 S Webster St Port Washington WI USA 53074

Phone: (262) 284-7103

Thiensville-Mequon Small Animal Clinic
425 N Main St Thiensville WI USA 53092

Phone: (262) 236-6292

Menomonee Falls Kewaskum
Menomonee Falls Animal Hospital
N87W16464 Appleton Ave Menomonee Falls WI USA 53051

Phone: (262) 251-4850

Kewaskum Veterinary Clinic
1040 Fond Du Lac Ave Kewaskum WI USA 53040

Phone: (262) 626-2380

Saukville Hartford
Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus
630 W Dekora St Saukville WI USA 53080

Phone: (262) 377-7580

Hartford Animal Clinic
1191 S Grand Ave Hartford WI USA 53027

Phone: (262) 673-7960

Grafton Cedar Grove
Best Friends Veterinary Center
2082 Cheyenne Ct Grafton WI USA 53024

Phone: (262) 375-0130

Cedar Grove Veterinary Services
23 Co Rd R R Cedar Grove WI USA 53013

Phone: (920) 668-6212

West Bend Fredonia
West Bend Animal Hospital
1020 E Washington St West Bend WI USA 53095

Phone: (262) 334-4443

Fredonia Veterinary Clinic
W3919 Co Hwy H Fredonia WI USA 53021

Phone: (262) 692-2439

Milwaukee Waukesha
Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission
3839 W Burnham St Milwaukee WI USA 53215

Phone: (414) 649-8640

Westown Veterinary Clinic
21675 Longview Dr #200 Waukesha WI USA 53186

Phone: (262) 798-2780


Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

If your dog or cat has already been vaccinated, book their stay with our Milwaukee dog boarding facility!
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