Luxury Cat Boarding North of Milwaukee

Your Cat Will Enjoy

  • A safe, air conditioned or heated spot to call his / her own
  • Freshly prepared meals each morning (or per your instructions)
  • Daily litter change
  • Soft snuggly rest area for those long afternoon naps
  • Medications can be administered per your instruction FREE OF CHARGE. Our staff is fully trained to administer oral medications safely.

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

Cat Boarding Prices

  1st CAT 2nd CAT (same condo)
Cat Condos $19/day $17/day

Local Cat Boarding Add-Ons

Brush Out and Lap Time
/Four Paws
Nail Trim
15 min Play Time

When your cat stays at our cat condos, you have the choice of adding on a variety of comforting services for your pet. Pamper your cat with a relaxing brush out or some calming lap time. If your cat has a more energetic personality, try an extra play session. Keep your cat healthy and happy with an optional nail trim.

Ozaukee County Cat Boarding Provides Comfort & Safety

Even the most finicky feline will enjoy their stay at Autumglo Pet Lodge of Southeast Wisconsin. Our staff understands some cats are quiet, some are busy, some are lazy, but one thing they all have in common is the need for love and safety. At Autumglo Pet Lodge, our pet boarding specialists have experience with cats of every personality type. We are dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment for all of our cat boarding guests.

Cat Boarding near MequonCat Condos

  • Separate cat boarding room which provides your kitty with a soothing environment
  • All cat boarding is indoors
  • Cat accommodations are air-conditioned or heated and come with a lovely window to sunbathe in or just watch the birds
  • Each cat has their own enclosure with litter box
  • Enclosures feature multi-tier lounge areas for your cat's lounging comfort

Pet Lodge with State-of-the-Art Cat Condos in Fredonia, WI

Our state-of-the-art pet care facility in Fredonia, WI was built specifically with the wellbeing and happiness of your pets in mind. We are proud to offer provide cat condos that are designed to ensure your cat is comfortable, happy, and content when they stay at the Autumglo Pet Lodge.

When your cat comes to stay at our Southeast Wisconsin pet lodge, they will enjoy a temperature-controlled room with plenty of comfortable resting spots and ample play space.

Cat Boarding FAQs

Can my cat receive outdoor time like the dogs do?

For safety and security reasons, all cat boarding is indoors at our facility. Cats are sneakier than dogs, better climbers, able to fit through smaller openings, etc. Cats also don’t share the same necessity to go outdoors that dogs do, are much more difficult to keep track of, and more difficult to get back inside. For these reasons, we don’t want to take the unnecessary risks of letting cats outside. Cat accommodations have big windows for cats to sunbathe in and watch the birds outside.

If I have more than one cat will they be able to share a space?

Yes. Our cat boarding condos can fit up to two cats. 

If I have more than one cat staying can they share a play time session?

Yes. Rates for play times are based on sessions, not number of animals. If you think your cats would enjoy a shared play time session more than an individual one, then that’s what we would recommend. However, if your cat has a lot of energy, sharing a single play time session might not exhaust the amount of energy they need.

How are litter boxes handled?

Each cat has their own litter box, which is changed daily. We don’t just clean out the litter, we completely change the litter out. 

Contact our cat kennelling experts now to make a pet lodging reservation, or to schedule a tour of our pet boarding facility in Southeast Wisconsin.

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

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