Pet Daycare for Dogs and Cats in Southeast Wisconsin

Pet Day Care West Bend WI

Cat & Doggy Day Care is Fun & Safe Pet Care

Instead of your pet being bored or destructive at home alone, he/she can be living it up at the cat and doggy daycare that Mequon, WI and nearby areas rely on for fun, safe, and clean pet care. When you enroll your pet at our cat and doggy daycare, they’ll get to:

  • Socialize, Exercise, and Learn
  • Enjoy a Safe, Fun, and Stimulating Environment
  • Indulge in Daily Treats
  • Receive Grooming (Upon Request)

Dog Day Care Hours of Operation

Mon & Wed 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (arrangements can be made to pick up later)
Tues & Thurs 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (arrangements can be made to pick up later)

Pet Sitters Mequon Doggy Day CareOur doggy day care near the West Bend, WI area allows spayed or neutered pets to play together in a supervised environment. There is one of our pet day care counselors present at all times to ensure the ultimate safety of your dog. Dogs enrolled at our pet daycare get to romp around in our huge upstairs playground. On nice days, we go outside and play!

Our pet day care is a great way for dogs to get out in the fresh air, exercise, and play with other dogs while also getting to socialize with humans. The doggy day care facility and its caretakers are also available for pet boarding. Additionally, walk-in, all-day services are available.

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

Doggy day care with Autumglo Pet Lodge has been enjoyed by patrons from Milwaukee to West Bend to Sheboygan. People and their pets love our facilities, and you will too. Contact our offices today to take a tour or schedule a stay.

Required for Doggy Daycare:

  • Our Doggy Day Care Program is supervised
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate
  • Dogs are subject to an evaluation; we reserve the right to turn away any dogs which don't play well with others
  • Dogs must be non-aggressive to food, people, pets and toys
  • Dogs attending daycare will be placed in suitable playgroups

Mequon Area Doggy Day Care Costs:

Our doggy day care located near Sheboygan, WI is the perfect daily get away for your pet. We always do what’s best for your dog--not just what’s convenient like some other pet care places--and we treat them with respect and love. Pamper your pet with our comprehensive dog grooming service, or simply drop them off for afternoon playtime. Bring your dog to our doggy daycare for a day of fun and play, and please read below for our affordable daily care costs.

$24 all day local doggy day care
+$10 with local dog boarding
+$10 with dog grooming service
$17 1/2 day morning or afternoon pet day care
Dogggy Day Care Services

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Contact our doggy day care specialists to learn more about our pet day care services, or enroll your pet now!

Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

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