Beneficial Dog Classes to Train your Dog

The best trainers know how to make your dog sit, heel, stay and do all sorts of tricks. At Autumglo we take care of dogs daily. Retrievers, German shepherd, poodles and even puppies have used our pet boarding services. After being in the business for over 6 years, we’ve noticed the difference between a trained dog and an untrained dog.

By communicating with repeat clients with trained dogs and reviewing the 2014 WISN’s A-List of the best dog trainers in Milwaukee we’ve come up with the best classes your dog should take in south eastern Wisconsin.

Top 5 Dog courses any Untrained Dog should take in Milwaukee Wisconsin

 1. Dark Busters Home Dog Training

Nikki Visoky is the owner and trainer of Bark Busters home dog training. She solves behavioral issues, embarrassing dog habits like barking or whining and reduces separation anxiety. She does this all at her house because dogs spend the most time inside.

2. Rogue dog Training

Rogue dog training provides basic obedience classes and free dog behavior consultations.  The ABCDT certified dog trainers train your dog at home. They will travel anywhere for a private or group lesson.

3. For Pet’s Sake Dog Training

The ability to choose from over 10 different classes makes Pets Sake a unique dog training facility. They have been in the business for over 20 years with 3 locations around Milwaukee. Their expertise has made many owners and dogs achieve an understanding of each other. The great thing about pet’s sake is all levels and ages are accepted for dog classes.

4. The Milwaukee Dog Training Club

Milwaukee dog training club offered Basic to advanced obedience dog training classes. For a small fee additional classes such as agility, flyball and tracking classes can be added to your membership. Before you buy you can watch the experienced instructers train dogs at their outdoor training facility.

5. Best Paw Forward

Best Paw Forward reached the number one spot for the best dog trainers in 2014. They still offer the same classes and expertise. Classes range from manners classes, dog sport classes and specialty classes. Lisa is an exceptional dog trainer with a passion for dogs.

Our ranking of the best dog trainers in the Milwaukee area is mostly based on word of mouth. We talk to dog owners who use are dog boarding services and the dog community to find the best dog trainers in your area.

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