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Dog Boarding Cost Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Autumglo Is Top Dog for Affordable Dog Boarding Costs near Milwaukee 

Autumglo Pet Lodge provides affordable, luxury dog boarding near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dog boarding costs in the Milwaukee area depend on the size of your dog, how many dogs you're boarding, and the number of days they'll stay at the pet hotel. 

In Milwaukee, it's typical for dog boarding costs to range from $20 to $40 a night. We've made it easy to compare dog boarding costs of pet hotels in and around Milwaukee. It's important to choose a dog boarding facility capable of meeting all your dog or cat's unique needs without breaking the bank. Autumglo is dedicated to providing the best dog boarding services at budget-friendly costs

Many of the pet boarding options below only include a dog kennel in Milwaukee. At Autumglo, your pet enjoys cozy accommodations, friendly play and comforting add-ons. We pride ourselves on giving your dog or cat the best boarding experience time and time again.

Milwaukee Dog Kennels Can't Measure Up to Autumglo Pet Lodge

Unlike Milwaukee dog kennels, Autumglo Pet Lodge welcomes your dog or cat with comforts including:  

  • Roomy, luxury cabin suites with bed, daily maid service... and treats!
  • Supervised playtime in a fenced area
  • Nature trail walks
  • A cozy and safe environment

Book your pet's stay at our Milwaukee area dog boarding lodge today!


Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost in Milwaukee, WI?

Pet Boarding Hotel

Dog Boarding Address

1st Night Price

2nd Night Price

3rd Night Price


Fredonia Dog Boarding Cost
Autumglo Pet Lodge
W4702 Hwy A Fredonia WI USA 53021





Waukesha Dog Boarding Cost
Camp Bow Wow
1707 Paramount Ct Waukesha WI USA 53186




Waukesha, WI

Cedarburg Pet Care Saukville, WI
Cedarburg Pet Care
4683 Cedar Sauk Rd Saukville WI USA 53080
$48 $30 $30 Saukville, WI
Butler Dog Boarding Cost
Doggy Office
4525 N 124th St Butler WI USA 53007
$34 $34 $34 Butler, WI
Glendale Dog Boarding Cost
Dog Tired
727 W Glendale Ave Glendale WI USA 53209




Glendale, WI

Milwaukee Dog Boarding Cost
Northshore Doggy Day Care
1980 W Florist Ave Milwaukee WI USA 53209





Milwaukee Dog Boarding Cost
Play Time Dog
528 S 108th St Milwaukee WI USA 53214




Milwaukee, WI

Port Washington Dog Boarding Cost
Snaggle Foot
829 W Melin St Port Washington WI USA 53074
$50 $50 $50 Port Washington, WI

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Dog Boarding Fredonia West Bend WI

Autumglo Keeps Milwaukee Area Dog Boarding Costs Budget-Friendly

At Autumglo, we are dedicated to providing your pets with a caring and friendly staff. We are a family owned business and all of us have a passion for pets. Whether it's cat boarding or dog boarding, your pet is safe with us. We also offer doggy daycare services and full-service grooming. We provide the best pet boarding services near Milwaukee.

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