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Wisconsin Dog Boarding Cost

The cost of boarding your dog in Wisconsin depends on the size of the dog, how many dogs and how long the dog stays. The typical cost of dog boarding is between $20 - $40 dollars a night. If your dog is staying for a week, expect to pay a price of over one hundred dollars. South eastern Wisconsin has a lot of options for dog and cat boarding. Be sure to check out all there additional fees and pricing options.

Many of the dog boarding options below only include the kennel. At Autumglo there is much more to experience for your dog, than just a kennel and mediocre services. We pride ourselves on delivering the best experience for your dog. Our dog boarding experience includes: 

  • Roomy luxury cabin suites with bed, daily maid service and snacks!
  • Play time in a fenced area
  • Walking through nature trails
  • A cozy and safe environment

Dog Boarding Cost...

Dog Boarding

1st Dog Per Night

2nd Dog Per Night

3rd Dog Per Night







Camp Bow Wow




Waukesha, WI

Cedarburg Pet Care $48 $30 $30 Saukville, WI
Doggy Office $34 $34 $34 Butler, WI

Dog Tired




Glendale, WI

Northshore Doggy Day Care





Play Time Dog




Milwaukee, WI

Swaggle Foot $50 $50 $50 Port Washington, WI

Autumglo Dog Boarding Price Beating Wisconsin Competitors

There's much more to consider than price when choosing a pet boarding hotel in Wisconsin. When deciding look at what other services are provided and how trustworthy the employees are. At Autumglo we are dedicated to providing your pets with a caring and friendly staff. We are a family owned business and all of us have a passion for pets. Whether its cat boarding or dog boarding your pet is safe with us. We also offer doggy day care services and full-service grooming for your pet. When searching for pet boarding in Wisconsin, contact Autumglo for dependable pet boarding services.

Contact us today to have your dog experience friendly boarding services at a low cost.
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